You sick fuck...

So I apologize for any blatant english fuck ups in this post but I'm beaucoups under the influence. Anyways I was checking my hits and such and I have this thing that tells me where people access my site from. So for example if you are one of the people that was curious as to why I keep putting my address for here in my status and you clicked it, i would say http://facebook.profile.blah.blah.fucking.blah. or

But today I was checking that shit and I noticed one from google.blah.blah.blah. So I clicked it and it was some sick fuck from Saudi Arabia who had Google blog searched girls fucking, and had somehow been connected to my post about how the police and media were fucking up the Victoria Stafford case... anyways I just felt really bad that my blog could be reached from a search for girls fucking... and the post it links to is one about an 8 year old girl... for fuck sakes. But anyways keep rocking in the free world.


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