Good new for Bosh fans... maybe not for Raptors fans

So the Toronto Raptors' star power forward Chris Bosh signed a record deal yesterday with Warner Brothers. He plans to release a CD/DVD in the fall featuring music from new artists, and fans who can send their tunes into some website he set up (will have link at the bottom) as well as comedy stuff on the DVD featuring some of the characters he's developed over the last little while on the youtube.

He also launched an app for the iPhone/iPod touch that keeps fans up to date with videos/stats and twitter updates. So you can follow him on twitter without actually getting twitter...

Now there are two things that worry me as a Toronto fan.

a) Hopefully this doesn't interfere with him showing up for next season like a boss and playing out of his mind like he did for a little while early in the year in 2008.

b) Bryan Colangelo talked about how one of the key incentives he could offer Bosh to entice him to stay in Toronto is that they were allowed to pay him a whole lot more than any other team. And he said that while some high profile players like D Wayed ect, may be able to take that haircut and sign with another team because they can make back that extra money in shoe/T Mobile deals and such, that Bosh wasn't that kind of high profile guy. However setting up something like this may just be a stepping stone to securing some of that supplemental income in preparing to leave Toronto.

So now I'll leave you with two clips, one is Chris Bosh doing his NBA finals coverage for the Tonight Show last year just in case you haven't seen it, you can watch HERE

And the other is since we are talking about funny basketball players, some Charles Barkley footage, because let's face it, anything else would be uncivilized.

Also Charles Barkley would have been a hilarious addition to the upcoming Podcast but I wasn't in my a game when recording it so he got jumped over.

Link to Bosh's site currently unavailable because I can't find it... sorry folks


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