Dineley On Movies: Midnight Cowboy

This week's movie review is of the classic flick Midnight Cowboy. Now I may be supremely ignorant but I've never seen it before and was only slightly aware that it existed despite the fact that it won beaucoups Oscars. What really drew me to picking up this movie was the title, because playing midnight cowboy in hotel elevators is one of my favourite past times. And for those who don't know how to play midnight cowboy, it's basically the same as regular cowboy except at midnight, but enough about that.

But now to tackle the actual movie which was actually pretty good.

The movie stars Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman, Voight plays a naive young Texan who moves to NYC to try his hand at being a male prostitute, and experience about the same amount of success as Rob Schneider. Hoffman plays a crippled con man who is sick and gets worse throughout the whole film, they become friends ect ect ect.

Jon Stewart summed this movie up best as the original gay western movie, paving the way for Jake Gyllenhaal to find work in movies such as City Slickers and Brokeback Mountain.

Anyways all in all the movie was very good, Voight's performance justified George Costanza wanting to buy his car, and Hoffman's "I'm walking here" line seems to me to be the inspiration for the yelling portion of Al Pacino's career. Watching Voight attempting to "do work" on broads was in most cases about as painful to watch as a lot of the worst Michael Scott moments.

Not too many noteworthy scenes in the movie except for one particularly rough sex scene which looked an awful lot like what I would imagine the ShamWow guy hooker beat down started off as.

In summation good movie, which has been responsible for many excellent parodies running the gamut from Seinfeld to American Dad.

Also sorry about this one not being very funny, it's alot easier to make jokes about bad movies.


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