Death of a Salesmen

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson are all dead.... BUT WAIT THERES MORE!!!

Yes folks it saddens me to say that Billy Mays the burly bearded TV pitch man died unexpectedly today in his home at the age of 50, just like my man Michael. The news of May's death saddened me greatly, I feel heartbroken and it would take more than the ever lasting bond of Mighty Putty to repair the damage.

Billy Mays was too put it simply a bear man. With the beard, the physical build, the voice and overall jovial aura around him he had all the attributes required to be a bear man.

Hopefully the death of Mays doesn't lead to an influx of work for the scum sucking vulture that is Vince... aka Sham Wow guy. I don't care if he thinks he's being funny/clever when he has queer double entendres like "you're going to love my nuts!" he still is a shitty pitch man.

The original Sham Wow ad apparently cost 20,000 dollars to film which is just absurd in my mind, I mean he had to buy a bottle of cola, two pieces of carpet and that stupid head set of his. Speaking of that headset if he was a real man he'd just pump up the volume like Billy Mays did, all in all Vince has had the look of scum about him since he first came on the scene, and any one who thought that had their suspicions validated when news leaked of his beat down on a hooker who was 19 years his junior.

In Vince's mugshot you can see him exposed for what he truly is a 45 year old hack who couldn't make it in the movie business. Now that I think of it maybe most of that 20 grand was spent on making him not like a 45 year old scum bag.

Anyways two Mays' videos below, one is him ordering in a Drive Thru, and the other is a dub of a Mighty Putty ad, even though I loved Billy Mays I still find the dubs hilarious.

Drive Thru
Mighty Putty


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