Perez Hilton "Assault"

I've been rather hesitant to right about this sad excuse for a human being because I feel that just recognizing the "ordeal" he was involved in is paying to much tribute to his pathetic existence so I will be extremely brief.

I will provide no links to the laughable audio of him crying or to anything of his site as I will not be responsible for propagating that shit.

I wish this piece of shit had been given an actual legitimate beat down. This vulture of a "journalist" doesn't even know the meaning of the word assault, or journalism for that matter. If this guy who makes his living prying into peoples lives and calling 14 year old girls sluts can't handle a little smack in the face he should just drop dead. Anyone who sympathizes with this waste of seminal fluids should be immediately nominated for a lobotomy.

The video below shows what should have happened to him in a perfect world. That's all i have to say about this shit show.


  1. Dude. His freak out video is so jokes. The guy is the biggest fag ever. Such a piece of shit. This guy should have been laid the fuck out a looonnngggg time ago.


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