If you want to play in the paint, you best watch your dick!!

Because Reggie Evans is now a Toronto Raptor... SAY WORD SON!

That's right after a trade today Reggie Evans is in Toronto, which means that for the length of his tenure in Toronto I will have a never ending supply of "hard wood", "post player" and "going after lose balls" jokes to go along with every game.

For those of you who are unsure of what the fuck I am talking about heres a little video for you all to enjoy.

But anyways now back to the trade at hand. Toronto ships out Jason Kapono and in turn brings back some much needed toughness and reboudning in an attempt to propel them into the upper echelons of niggerdom that is the NBA's elite teams. I highly approve this trade, Kapono with his beer league physique and "Ceaser" hair style was one of the whitest players on the team, right behind Chris Bosh.

Now with Evans and Pops Mensah-Bonsu in the front court the Raptors might start putting up insane rebounding numbers this season, because Evans has always had a knack for hauling down balls, and being a rebounding machine, and Pops is a missing shots machine, although usually he gets the rebound for his first couple of missed attempts.

Anyways in closing I'll leave you with a picture of Reggie and his sweet ass beard, when I nominated him for a Most Terrifying Nigger award in spring of 2008 I was unable to find a picture of the nappy monstrosity that had taken position on this mans face, but here it is in all it's glory. Be prepared for a much more African Raptor's team next year, hopefully the million they saved in contract difference can be used to land another MTN nominee such as Ron Artest.

Also MTN awards can be found at the D files, which is linked on the side if you're at all interested, any new nominees will end up on this page though.


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