Jon and Kate + Separate

Before I officially begin I realized that Kate rhymes with separate like 4 months ago when it was first leaked that Jon wasn't completely satisfied with the fertile crescent of a vagina that Kate's barren wasteland had turned into and was looking elsewhere. So if any of you saw someone using the rhyme joke before reading this, the person that used it Carlos Mencia'd me and should be shot, kind of like French people.

But anyways hopefully the impending divorce of this couple will put an end to the TV careers of this family. Also hopefully a majority of the people who actually cared enough to follow the lives of a family with lots of kids will get depressed and kill themselves because as any Jewish people will tell you a little genetic purging never hurt anyone.

I realize that in North America these days people are cutting down on the number of children they have, but that doesn't mean that someone with a lot of children needs to be on TV. I honestly think that the reason they had six kids from at once is not the precious miracle of life everyone makes it out to be.

Jon was already fed up with the two kids and feeling rather emasculated by the turkey baster so he attempted a push down the stairs but didn't put enough into it so the egg just split a bunch instead of scrambling.... I mean I'm no scientist but I'm sure a flight of stairs would make for overstimulated ovaries.

And if you'll stop and take a look at the picture to your right you'll be lucky enough to see that they managed to find two pictures that make this couple look dirtier than K-Fed and Britney, and I'm talking about Britney when she had her V for Vendetta hair cut, although she thought V was for "Vagina showing when you get out of a car". Now looking at that picture I can't understand how anybody is shocked that these two are splitting up but hey that's just me.

But anyways I hope Jon finds some nice nubile vag away from the camera and that the kids don't get exploited for the rest of their lives. Before you all jump down his throat for wanting out though just imagine how much of a pain in the ass it would be trying to raise your clusterfuck of children and having cameras in your face all the time.

I'm sure the third world African people get really sick of it during the one day Kelsey Grammar comes down and pats their kids on the shoulder to film his commercials to ask for money for Christian Children's Fund. Maybe people can watch those now instead and give some money while they're at it.

My dad grew up in a family of seven, my mom in a family of five and Stephen Tyrone Colbert grew up in a family of 11 and none of them needed a fucking TV show. So unless Kate overstimulates her ovaries again some time soon she should shut the fuck up and get off TV and raise her kids out of the spotlight as kids these days seem to be coming out fucked up enough as it is and don't need to add that kind of bullshit into the mix.

And to anybody who was reading this that was a follower of the show I can't even begin to describe what's wrong with people like you. I mean the season premier had 9 million viewers.... and that was to quote Dave Chappelle "ON CABLE NIGGER GODDAMN!!!" That drew more than whatever faggoty show Mario Lopez was hosting at the same time on all the everyman channels.... fucking pathetic.

In reading this over before posting I realized this is a lot more hateful than usual but I'll just leave it as is, pent up rage I guess.

P.S. Mario Lopez is sweet.


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