Danny Ocean strikes again

A while back I saw an article about the Canadian mint missing millions of dollars worth of precious metals. At the time they weren't sure if it was them failing at counting or if they were actually missing the metals, which were assumed to be mostly gold as well as perhaps some platinum and silver. Now knowing the boneheadedness of alot of the people who work in the public sector I assumed it was a simple case of them being idiots and not an Italian Jobesque heist of 19 million dollars worth of heavy metals, so I decided not to write about it because say the metals weren't missing then I look foolish.

But anyways now it's been confirmed that it wasn't a simple paper blunder, it still may be a complicated paper blunder but for now it's an assumed theft. So operating as if it is a theft one can only ask, how the fuck do you smuggle 19 million dollars worth of gold out of a place.

A quick look at how much actual gold is in 19 million dollars worth,the current price of gold is $1078.80 per ounce in Canadian dollars. So if the gold that was stolen was melted down and processed already the thieves would have had to have taken 44 gold bars like the ones found in Die Hard with a Vengance now I don't know about you but I would find it pretty difficult to smuggle out 44 bars that weight 27 pounds each, which is well over 1000 pounds of gold.

Now besides the aforementioned Danny Ocean and whatever the name of the guy Marky Mark Whalberg played in The Italian Job I really can't see anyone pulling this off. I should hope the scientists that run the mint would at least have enough oversights in place that this couldn't be the work of one daring guy smuggling out one brick at a time. There must have been some sort of giant fuck up or wherever the mint bought the gold from ripped us off because every other possibility just seems so far fetched.

Also when you steal gold what the fuck do you do with it, if it's already in bar form then you have the mint of Canada seal on it and I'm guessing it might be hard to move and if it's just raw hunks of gold they'd probably be equally hard to sell. Short of making a trip to Orodruin in the heart of the black land itself for a little melt down session moving the gold is probably a rather difficult task. I mean it's not like taking your old jewelery down to the sketchy jewelery store/pawn shop for cash now.

Well I really don't know where I'm going with this I'm so saddened by the ineptness of Canada's government on basically all levels. Word is they are bringing in the RCMP to investigate so maybe the rest of the gold will get Tazed and not be able to run away like the other 19 million.

Heres a link to an actual article about the it if you want more DETAILS


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