Paris Hilton... really

So I know this post is going to illicit groans from readers thinking...

"Oh great another blogger who dislikes Paris Hilton, why are you wasting my time."

And for that I apologize but this is only sort of about her moreso about why people care about her?

So today I was watching some lovely afternoon baseball which ended at like 5:06. Now from 5-6 and 7-8 are generally the two worst hours of TV. And when I talk about the worst two hours of TV I'm not counting super late night/early morning where the only thing on besides Billy Mays and Ashley Madison ads is Sexy Carwash on Telelatino. But anyways back to my anecdote, so I did a little channel surfing and made it up Much Music which is a channel I generally go to all of power to avoid.

So it was the Much Music News update so I stuck around and watched for like 45 seconds and too my dismay the piece about Alexisonfire transitioned rather quickly into a bit about Paris Hilton looking for her new BFF in Dubai.

Like fucking come on this used to a music channel and now some rich skank qualifies as news on the music channel. I realize she has an "album" and has been in movies so could technically be considered a celebrity/entertainer that fits the channels criteria for being talked about, but the fact that she got to do those things just speaks to the whole issue of why this broad is famous in the first place.

Theres so many other wealthy people in the world who have good looking daughters. Based on my experience with the not incredibly wealthy I'm assuming that at least a large chunk of these daughters would love the cock a fair deal yet we never here a word about who peeks their roast beef curtains, yet that seems to be breaking new when it comes to Paris Hilton.

It's not like her parents were like high profile insane eccentric rich people doing crazy things like Dick Branson who draws the spotlight to himself, this is just some fucking hotel tycoon family whooopdi shit.

Seriously she has a sort of pretty face and has worked hard to gain dick taking rights for girls with minimal breast representation but why do people care about her or find her some sex/fashion icon. Whenever I hear anything about sex with Paris Hilton my mind instantly conjures up images of the elephant graveyard from the Lion King, as a desolate bonepile is basically what her pussy is probably been reduced to by now.

And now she has a show looking for a new friend because her and her old BFF had trouble getting along. I guess the stress of drinking, fucking, spending other peoples money and being famous for no reason, as well as drinking and driving really takes it toll on a friendship. Plus the harsh jail times they had to serve must have been the straw that broke the camels back.

Theres really no point to this post I guess I just hope that no one I know actually gives a shit about this stupid twat. (and when I say no one I know I'm not including the one girl I know who I know has a moat in her pants for all things Paris)

So anyways heres some funny stuff at Paris' expense which also demonstrates that Letterman and the South Park guys are kings of comedy.

Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset

And King Dave


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