Dineley On Movies: Two Girls and A Guy

Before I get in depth on this post I just want to assure everybody that I bought this movie on purpose it wasn't a failed drunken download. But yeah the movie I watched was Two Girls and A Guy which was pretty fucking awesome.

This movie starred the one the only Robert Downey Jr., Heather Graham and some other broad who was pretty annoying that I didn't recognize from anywhere else and had a long name that wasn't worth typing out.

I may have been leaning towards liking this movie before I even saw it for a few reasons. R.D.J is the fucking man, a fucking amazing actor who is always excellent in any role he is in. I'm glad he's dominating at the box office again after the whole drug fiasco. The other reason I may have been predisposed to liking this flick is that I have a bit of a soft (hard) spot for Heather Graham. For me in Grade 9 her topless scene in Boogie Nights along with many other low quality porn videos that I discovered through Kazaa caused me to send more young men to their deaths than Slobodan MiloSevic if you know what I'm saying.

I highly recommend this movie to anybody that can handle a pretty slow moving drama. It's basically all set entirely in R.D.J's loft where R.D.J is confronted by the two broads he'd been saying he was in love with who have just discovered they are both getting fucked around.

The dialog in the movie was very well done, almost Tarantinoesque in the way it flowed so conversationally. Basically 98% of this movie lent itself to providing the film with a very strong sense of realism. The one think that broke the illusion was the fact that they expect you to believe that somebody who's serving pulled pork sandwiches to Heather Graham on a regular basis would feel the need to go get some more on the side.

So to sum shit up this movie was pretty sweet a masterful performance by R.D.J., a really well shot and directed movie, sweet script, fairly strong performance by Heather Graham who really never gets any respect in the acting world, and just an all around awesome vibe make me give this 2 thumbs up. There was also a bit of a steamy scene between R.D.J. and Heather but didn't have the same charm as roller girl when I was 13.

But yeah sweet movie would also be awesome as a play, if anyone who reads this puts on plays do it up!!


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