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Send in the Clowns

In my time off of the blog I have been performing stand up comedy, and the sadness of the clown is real. Maybe may experiences just boil down to me being boring and intolerable, but for the sake of this post lets assume that to not be true.

It honestly fucks with your head a lot to be able to make about 100 people pay attention to you and make them laugh for eight minutes, and then the show ends and you vanish silently into the night alone. It's a one way emotional connection, of you baring your soul, your life experiences, and in some cases such as mine your sick and twisted life perspective in an attempt to bring joy to others.

In the end even if you kill it, tell all the right jokes, keep your timing perfect, you're only remembered at best as a faceless nameless moment in the evening of those in attendance. You lay it all on the line in hopes of hearing a "That fourth guy was totally the funniest", muttered between a group of friends as they pass by you as if you …

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