Three years in review: An alphabetical retrospective

While most people who read this may have noticed there was a huge lack of posting for a few years.

Maybe it was me smoking to much weed maybe it was me not smoking enough but for some reason I had a complete lack of creative output, unfortunately during that time the world didnt stop having stuff for me to and or appreciate so I'm running through the alphabet picking some things to offer my two cents on. I'll do a few letters at a time or else I would never finish one giant post. So enough with the preamble here we go.

A) Amanda Todd
This girl is straight up dumb, and she's up there with Brandon Crisp on my list of kids who thankfully were removed from the gene pool before procreation. But seriously people that claim this girls death is a product of bullying really need to spend their time trying to put an end to the stupid whore movement instead of blaming this broads death on our cruel society.

 B) Bane's Voice
 While The Dark Knight Rises was an awesome movie all around there were parts of it that to put it mildly were... really awesome. One of said really awesome things was the voice Tom Hardy used for his portrayal of Bane. This SeanConneryesque voice was one of the greatest sinister voices of movie history right up there with Darth Vader.

All that was needed was for Batman to tell Bane he would hunt down the league of shadows until he had killed every last one. And Bane could have replied.

C) Chad Kroeger Custom Les Paul
This letter was difficult it passed through mg mind that I could focus on Call me Maybe or perhaps Chinese Democracy but then I decided to go with my original idea.

The Chad Kroeger custom guitar or as Gibson describes it.A Do-it-All-Les Paul from the most versatile artist in rock. Now I will admit I am in no way a Nickleback fan. However give Chad Kroeger props he's making beaucoups money, stabs Avril Lavigne's kitty on the reg, has his own  custom guitar and did a sweet colab with Carlos Santana which can be seen below and whats doubly sweet is that he looks like a lion in the video.

Now although I respect Chad for building that legendary  amount of fame and fortune from a musical career that featured very little creativity let alone as Gibson claims "versatility."

Nickleback has been cranking out the dame garbage over and over they're almost like AC/DC but without the school boy uniform.

I dont know where I'm going with thid one buy the main theme is that Nickleback is not versatile sometimes Chad looks like a lion and he doesnt need his own guitar he can just use Mark Tremonti's.

But for the record its a sweet guitar and I want one.

D) Dubstep

This one was also a tossup between Dave Hester and of course Dubstep. Hester will get his turn in either S or Y.

So yeah dupstep stop listening to modems having sex, I'm sure energy drinks and MDMA make it sweet music to sweat to in the club with no sleeves but just stop it.

Also heres the one funny thing about dubstep thats it for the alphabet for now though I'll be back later.


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