Lance Armstrong: he's doper than Floyd Landis

So part one of the much hyped Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah aired last night and surprise surprise he was on PEDs when he amassed his seven Tour de France victories. Anyways unlike Oprah's drawn out 2 part interview I'm going to break this all down as quickly as possible.

 First of all the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) used to be led by a guy named Dick Pound who also is Canadian. Awesome!!

Who decides where to draw the line on what is acceptable to ingest and what is not seems that the line drawn in the sand is pretty fucking arbitrary.

 They need better testing seeing as Lance was doing basically every form of doping possible and didn't get caught or at least had someone k cahoots in on the testing process.

Overall even though he cheated it was a positive for the world as we know it. Apart from all the people that were unfairly sued or may have actually won the tour there were more winners than losers because of Lance.

 The millions that were raised by those faggy yellow wristbands would not have happened if he had been simply a fourth place cyclist.

The Tour due France got way more popularity then it ever would have if he hadn't won all those years. Because honestly let's face it how many people actually would follow a race for several weeks to see which guy they don't know is the best at exercise.

Lastly his cameo in Dodgeball was awesome and might be even more awesome with this news.



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