Bob Odenkirk, I just can't quit you

Despite the title this post has very little homoerotic cowboy feelings towards Bob Odenkirk. Rather it is a brief homage to a criminally underrated talent whose presence has been splattered on my last 20 years of TV watching like a Mr. Marcus 8 roper.
I'll try to avoid making this into an elaborate IMDB listing while I briefly touch on a few of his past ventures. Before his current fame as Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad (which if you don't watch your parents must be cousins) Odenkirk dabbled in many fine enterprises. He was a writer on SNL during years where the show didn't suck and was a writer and star for the short lived Ben Stiller show, where he contributed to gems such as this. Besides those he collabed with David Cross for HBO's Mr. Show, as well as Run Ronnie Run among other things. Not to mention the episode of Seinfeld he was in was probably the best pre fame work of any actor besides Jeremy Piven in The Family Man.


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