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YouTube Idol (Why I'm going to hell)

Wood in the woods

Kanye West/Patrick Swayze

Cold filtered 69 times to bring out the douche

Chris Brown beat Rhianna, but NOBODY beats Whitney Houston

Dineley on Movies: The GIimmer Man as well as awesome Steven Seagal Content

Bono Spice

New Weezer song aka the day my penis ran away

This Kid Sucks

I'm back and Scarves in June

Meanwhile at CTU

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Danny Ocean strikes again

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Death of a Salesmen

Michael Jackson

Awesome thing of the week: Patrick Stewart/Jandrew Edits

Dineley on Movies: Transformers (Michael Bay)

Perez Hilton "Assault"

I almost forgot something very imporant in the last post.

Jon and Kate + Separate

As close as you can get to Jager without your eyes getting wet

Dineley On Movies: The Tripper

Highway Park... WTF

Paris Hilton... really

All things AIDS... ok a few things AIDS

The Dr. is in...

The Octagon strikes in real life

If you want to play in the paint, you best watch your dick!!