YouTube Idol (Why I'm going to hell)

YouTube has played a gigantic part in the proliferation of random shit on internet. Coupled with webcams and cell phone's with video cameras has spawned a generation of amature videographers, and no this has nothing to do with the BangBus.

YouTube is home to aspiring musicians putting their performances online leaving themselves exposed to the denizens of the internet and all their opinions.

One person who put up a clusterfuck worth of video's was this one guy named Ian. Ian is what you might call a "differently abled" specimen. One thing that developed ok was his vanity and love for singing. One of his most moving renditions is of One Republic's Apologize seen below.

Now normally when people rate things they do it on a scale of five stars or thumbs up or down. However upon watching this video I found the need for a new rating scale, and wasn't sure if it would earn THIS or THIS

Upon first watching this and finding myself dying of laughter I immediatley thought what a terrible person I must be. What reenforced my feelings of being completley void of compassion was the total lack of negative YouTube comments. All the comments mentioned how amazing a singer he was, and how he was awesome. I went to bed that night praying that he just moderated his comments and that I infact was not the worst specimen on the internet. When buddies channel went down and his video was reposted the negative comments flooded in and my faith in myself was restored a little bit.

However Ian's stranglehold on the retard YouTube singing charts is under attack from some girl named ChickBrook.

(In my best Ryan Seacrest typing voice) And now it's up to you the voters to decide who wins the Facepalm crown.

Now in attempt to aleviate my guilt I will also put myself up on trial. Below you will find a music video that I did for grade 11 comm tech. Procrastination and a lack of good software led to no drums being recorded and me attempting to patch in a beat using one shot cymbal hit loops and such. During the middle of the video we have the ultimate concept failure. What was supposed to be a Chinese fire drill in which the passenger of the van steals the van and leaves the rest of the band standing alone, however by accidentley deleting the sound that accompanied the video and having shot it from the wrong camera angle the magic wasn't really captured. I was also trying this interesting method of singing which was a mix of singing poorly and talking. We ended up writing a better version of this song after and it was pretty awesome but this is the rough draft when we sucked at music, video editing and haircuts.

Also to encourage reader participation in the blog if someone can find/create something that tops the double facepalm picture that would be wicked awesome.

Oh and just remember kids, you should never throw a bong kit... ever!


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