Meanwhile at CTU

If anyone has been checking back to the blog semi regularly the last few weeks you'll have noticed there's been soemwhat of a drought in terms of new contenct, and for that I apologize. Unfortunately the nature of the blog has sort of led to this slowdown. I originally planned on using the movie reviews to be the mainstay of the blog, even if there was nothing else to write about I could always watch a movie and throw in a few F bombs while giving my opinion on it and I'd have at least weekly updates going.

However I quickly realized good movies make for shitty posts and bad movies make for shitty me having to watch thems. So the pile of movies I bought to review sits their teasing me, NO, DARING me to watch them but I can't bring myself to man up and do it. I've also been super busy reading a bunch of books and playing a fuck tonne of guitar.

The other thing that has been hindering the release of new updates is the fact that I want to try and stay away from posting on the news unless it's something really dramatic. Most of the news tends to center around politics and economics and I don't want to turn the blog into a platform where I push my values and ideology on people no matter how funny it may be. I would just hate it if the blog ended up treading water in a sea of redundancy like The Daily Show.

Also what has been keeping me from writing is I'm working on a movie script and a stand up comedy act which is taking a lot of my most clutch jokes. I have a lot of jokes I want to use live first before I let them hit the interwebz and spoil my stand up comedy debut. Oh also my computer sucks and I can't play music on myspace anymore so I can't even point you in the direction of sweet new music.

Anyways I just wanted to give a breif update for all you faithful readers as to why there was nothing to read. Also this post may be riddled with bad spelling, I am using a computer at work which is running internet explorer so I don't have spell check available and I'm way to lazy at this unholy hour to deal with proof reading.

I have a sweet post in the works which should be ready for maybe tomorrow hopefully.


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