Michael Jackson

By now I'm sure most of the world is aware that Michael Jackson died today at 50 years of age. Although 50 is a rather young age to die at one could hardy expect the ghoulish shell of a man that Jackson had become to be very healthy. So while there may not be many questions about his death directly, his passing does leave several unanswered questions, such as: What the fuck happened to him? Was he really a kiddie diddler? If he had made new music during his "comeback" would it have been any good? and of course, if he had been sent back in time to the 1960's would he have sat at the front or the back of the bus?

Crazy people and music fans everywhere I'm sure are mourning the death of the King of Pop, however the people who truly suffered a loss were comedians. Jackson was a veritable gold mine of comedic material, any hack comedian, yes even a Kenny Banya could pull out some MJ jokes and make a decent outing for themselves. I personally try to avoid the MJ jokes as I respected him too much to do that, I thought the kid touching jokes sucked because I thought he was innocent, and the nose job jokes were just fucking weak sauce. Michael Jackson jokes were the easy way to try and be funny and I never respected it, I also had a slew of jokes I though of using here about using MJ jokes being the equivalent of taking advantage of girl who was blind/deaf/wheelchair ridden but couldn't settle on one and they also seemed far to cruel so if I tell the joke like this it's less offensive.

Many people might ask me how I could believe Michaels innocence when Neverland Ranch clearly had all the trappings of a pedo's dream lair. Well the latest "victim's" mother being bat shit crazy and pleading the fifth during the trial was a key giveaway for me. But enough on that the trial clearly sapped a lot of his strength leaving him, frailer, crazier, and more ghoulish than ever, some people even said he couldn't lift a baby over a balcony railing anymore.

Hopefully with MJ's tragic death we can look back on his life and remember the glory years from Jackson 5 to Free Willy. A young verile black Michael before he lost his colour, his soul and his nappyness which is one thing that can't be explained by the skin conditions. Here he is in all his glory, and below is a link to one of my favourite MJ tunes called This Time Around.

Also although I said I wasn't very fond of Michael Jackson jokes Norm MacDonald had one gem of an MJ joke that I had to share with you:
"Jackson and Presley cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce, you see she's more of a stay at home kind of girl, and he's a homosexual pedophile"

This Time Around


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