Jimmy Fallon

So I decided to write about Jimmy Fallon although I'm not 100 percent sure where exactly my opinion of him will end up.

While I will be the first to admit Fallon has many flaws as not only a comedian but also as a human being, the rampant anti Jimmy Fallon activity has me standing up for Fallon fairly often.

Admittedly on SNL Fallon was beyond awful with his whole stare at the camera and giggle, like 14 year old girl whose just jerked off a guy successfully for the first time ever, routine. (And trust me I know that look/giggle I get it all the time... said too much)

However on his new gig taking over for Conan you think he would be a great fit, he was always somewhat funny, and in this job you're supposed to look at the camera and laugh, so it's basically a match made in heaven. But it's more complex than that apparently.

I was watching some of his show the other night since it's on right after Conan.I was enjoying it, for the most part, he made an excellent joke about the last Titanic survivor dying at 97 years old, while she was treading water. But then follows it up with some crap about instead of flowers sending iceberg lettuce. It was basically the joke equivalent of spending a lovely time in Australia and then on the way home your plane crash lands in Rwanda.

What really killed me though was his interview with Anne Hathaway, which was just fucking awful. Watching it was like looking at your asshole in the mirror, it's not really pleasant to look at but you can't look away.

Not only did he have nothing meaningful to contribute to conversation he was just throwing out excessive compliments on Hathaway. His giddiness and excessive hand gestures were what I would expect from George Takei or Mario Cantone when presented with the idea of an all the cock you can eat buffet.

But what was the most painful part of the interview was that anyone over the age of 11 could tell that the whole time he was doing the interview the only thing on his mind was how badly he wanted to bury his bone in her yard. Now I don't blame him for thinking that as I myself have had urges of leafing through her ham wallet since the Princess Diaries days, but seriously you work on a fucking TV show keep it together man.

Anyways I guess to sum it up I hope he gets his act together, right now he's like King of the Hill, has funny moments, but when he's not funny.... he's REALLY not funny.

But seriously the whole anti Fallon thing needs to stop, I realize it's the hip thing to hate but that doesn't make it right. It's almost as bad as all the Arby's hating everyone was involved in, when secretly I know most of you were craving a Beef and Cheddar... and no thats not a euphemism, although it would make a really good one.


  1. I've been watching Craig Ferguson every night lately ... now THERE'S a funny guy. I am loving his style.


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