Maybe Frank D'Angelo will sue me now??

This post is about Frank D'Angelo the harbinger of douche chills, grandfather of many many bad commercials as well as just generally being a skeeze.

In June 2007 D'Angelo launched a $2 million dollar libel law suit against a blogger. So I figured I'd see if I could get the beast to rear it's ugly head once again, because lets face it the amusement of the hundred or so people that read this is much more important to me than giving Frank D'Angelo money I don't have.

Now ladies and gentlemen if you look to your right you will see our feature subject Frank D'Angelo, as you will notice how his white shirt is glossier than his cheap plastic coat, but hey I'm not the fashion police so we'll just leave it at that.

Apparently D'Angelo had a knack for business at a young age which he apparently abandoned later in life and stuck to having a knack for being a Pauly B. D'Angelo was removed as the CEO of both D'Angelo brands and Steelback breweries after running both companies into financial problems.

The brewery not only had financial issues but had to deal with the issue of their beer being absolutely terrible and coming in faggoty ass plastic bottles with stupid designs on them.

As you can see in the video below a song from the musical abomination that is D'Angelo's band. Now there is some admirable qualities in this video and that is that any proceeds from the song go to breast cancer research. So now you are probably asking why am I going after this guys charitable works, and the reason is I think that to D'Angelo breast cancer research is probably groping up girls because of both the aforementioned skeeziness as well as the fact that he was charged with the sexual assault of a 21 year old.

Although D'Angelo was aquitted of the sexual assault charges several days later he held a celebration party at his restaurant in Toronto. At the part was a senior OPP Seargeant as well as two crown attorneys. D'Angelo as well as the OPP officer are now both being charged with conspiring to obstruct justice, and obstruction of justice. The OPP officer was also charged with attempting to influence the outcome of a case.

So I am going to take the liberty of putting two and two together and assume that dirtbag D'Angelo was probably actually guilty of whatever he's accused of. Also after watching his music video anyone that unbuttons there shirt that much is usually up to sketchy scandalous behaviour.

A couple of his commercials were kind of funny but that was almost more by accident and in the so bad it's funny type of funny. What I find funniest about the add below is not only that Ben Johnson somehow decided to find a way to make more of a mockery of himself but also the unnecessary touching that D'Angelo lays on Johnson

Anyways to close Frank D'Angelo is a skeeze a douche, a bad businessman, he gives Canadian beer a bad name, is a terrible musician needs to do his shirt up and is as far as I'm concerned is a pervert and a criminal. If I hear anything from D'Angelo's lawyers on this I'll keep the saga updated but I'm sure they have other things on their plate as he is scheduled to be in court June 8.


  1. You are truly wacked There is good in every one and this guy has done a lot for chariy.Have you always done everthing you are accused of/ Reading the drivel you spout makes it obvious that you are A jealous and done very little research B A young novice improperly educated and in desperate need of attention C A loser who knows very litle about the world and real life experience...............probably all of the above. I hope you get help.

  2. Give it rest bruce!

    Just because a fraud like frank makes charitable contributions, it doesn't make him a good person. There are many so called honest people that create a positive public image of themselves and still lie from their teeth! Oh there is good in everyone, I suppose Hitler and Stalin had good in them too, I guess
    the world couldn't see it after they killed millions of innocent people.
    oh well our loss I guess, only if we had given them a chance, if only!
    BHAHBAHBAHAABHAAHA HA HA HA !!! Please give it a rest!
    I'm not comparing Frank to either of these two, all I'm saying is that everyone is capable good and bad at the same time. As well that fact that
    you have taken such a defensive stand and have attacked and insulted
    Dineley, shows to me that you can't respect an individuals given right to
    an opinion and free speech! If you hadn't insulted Dineley from the get go, then maybe your argument would hold some content, and would force the reader to look at both sides of the story and make a educated decisions as to what they believe or not!


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