The Dr. is in...

Today I went to write my blog,
But on my mind there was a fog,
Nothing to report in the news
Or from my recent Youtube views

I sat and thought for quite some time
But then a thought it crossed my mind
A surefire way that I could amuse
To make a post like Dr. Seuss

It would take a little extra time
To make sure that it all would rhyme
But what if they don't like these jokes
What if this blog really chokes...

As I wrote I felt the pain
That was felt by the bloodhound gang
The pain it burned like angina
To try and find a rhyme for vagina

Just trying to delight the herd
By using a pointless silly word
On and on the rhymes would go
Where it would stop I did not know
I'd find a rhyme for everything
My praises everyone would sing
You'd ask what rhymes with Paul Bernardo
I'd say to you Jeremy Accardo
I'd use a lot of synonyms
To mike my silly rhymes fit in
I'd try to say boner if I could
But it's easier to just say wood

I hit this point and had to pause
I was rhyming but without just cause
Dr. Seuss always told a story
Or some clever allegory
This post has just been pointless couplets
Bound to leave the masses upset

But how long should I ramble on...
Rhyme through the night "straight on till dawn"
Oh what an epic tale I'd spin
Of brave deeds and love and sin
Of wizards in their towers tall
And ships that sailed through ocean squalls

Ok I'm done now, but seriously if anyone can rhyme Ackbar or Homollka shoot me a message with your solution... Sorry for this cop out of a post.


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