Awesome thing of the week: Non-Prospect's Diary

So this week's awesome thing is centered around the latest Blue Jays Prospect to get called up, Dirk Von Hayhurst. Now throwing the Von into his name is usually enough for someone like me to give you an awesome nod as I myself have been known to go by the pseudonym Baron Von Alex.

Now as far as his baseball prowess is concerned he is a pretty average guy ableit with very respectable numbers while coming out of the bullpen. But what I really love about this dude is his blog for Baseball America. He calls it the Non-Prospect Diary. Anyways there are many many well written anecdotes that he chooses to share with the masses. He definitely has a knack for writing as well as hilarity and shenanigans. Hopefully we will see Dirk Von Hayhurst with the club for a long time. Anyways Below is a link to the Baseball America blogs page and you can search out all Dirk's posts which will all be labeled "Non-Prospect's Diary"

Also the first link is to one of the stories that I found particularly awesome and should entice you to read more.




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