Dineley On Movies: The Tripper

So the latest movie to fall under my scrutiny was The Tripper. This movie was supposed to be somewhat of an homage to shitty slasher movies and I guess it does that ok, although paying homage to something shitty doesn't make much sense to me, although this movie was produced by David Arquette and Courtney Cox so an homage to Wes Craven garbage makes sense, but more on the happy couple later.

So the plot is basically big hippie music festival with a crazy serial killer lurking in the woods killing pretty much everybody, and one cop with a sweet mustache determined to keep the peace.
All in all it sounds like the kind of story line that dreams are made of however in reality it ended up being pretty much as boring as a hand job.

This movie was garbage though, some serial killer who is obsessed with Ronald Reagan goes on a rampage talking like Reagan and wearing a Reagan mask. The best part of this movie besides the Bosniaesque piles of dead hippies was that the Reagan mask reminded me of an awesome hilarious moment of someone wearing a President Mask (Nixon) which you can see HERE like 2 minutes in or so. One thing I counted on in this movie to be good didn't even come through and that is that Jason Mewes was one of the co-stars, why he reduced himself to being in this movie is beyond me since it was several years after the taking heroin and Oxycotin with his mom stage of his life.

Now to address the producer/directer of this monstrosity. David Arquette, he luckily escapes my wrath for the most part for this reason. Theres a saying that says if you want to know the measure of a man you simply count his friends, well I don't know how many friends this guy has so I made a bit of an amendment to the saying, which goes like this... if the counting of the friends is inconclusive refer to the quality of kitty that he's hitting. And in that department Arquette gets an A so theres really no need for me to judge him on this movie. Speaking of his wife she recently filmed a pilot for a comedy called Cougar Town which may or may not be hilarious, I mean I love cougars but if it resorts to comedy for mongoloid idiots the way Friends did I'll be very upset.

So if you want to see some dirty hippie boobs and lots of hippies getting killed and like bad movies go watch this. Just remember hand job...


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