Awesome thing of the week: Patrick Stewart/Jandrew Edits

Since there hasn't been an awesome thing of the week for a bit so sorry if this one is a little on the large size.

This weeks thing that is so awesome is the one and only Patrick Stewart, a master of high drama yet an excellent comedic presence as well. I guess it seems I have a bit of a thing for Captains of the Enterprise but whatever it's a hell of a role to play. Not only did he put on a stunning performance every week but his work was also used as the subject matter for the Jandrew TNG edits which are some of the funniest things ever. Basically they re-cut a bunch of TNG stuff into hilarious shorts which are well rather... hilarious. There was also the Captain Picard song meme which was pretty awesome which will be linked at the bottom.

This particular clip is my personal favourite edit. Most of the edits are chock filled with gay jokes, so if you're offended by that you probably wont find this overly amusing, although if you're offended by that you also probably wont be reading my blog

The entire listing of the edits can be found HERE and be sure to check out the Alf edits, Episode 2 Mr. Meatloaf is fucking awesome.

For those of you who didn't grow up in a Star Trek rich family you might not care for Stewart's work as JLP. However his awesome post Star Trek roles have been just as good and much funnier, besides doing countless voice bits on Family Guy and American Dad he had a simply masterful performance on Extras which can be seen directly below and is awesome.

Anyways I'm going to leave you with a list of links of sweet Patrick Stewart stuff...

Jean Luc Picard Song
Darmok and Gilgamesh

There are four lights!
Looks like a fanny

I'll also throw in the Mr. Meatloaf link as it's epic as fuck, I hope I converted a few people to the Church of Patrick Stewart.


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