Highway Park... WTF

So here's something pretty crazy that if you're from Southern Ontario you'll probably find pretty interesting and if not it is at least a little bit interesting me thinks...


The article is about an architects plan to put a roof on top of the Gardiner expressway and then put a park on that roof thus adding greenspace and making the giant highway through the heart of the city, where there may or may not be no love, less of an eyesore. I think this is pretty fucking rad and would look sweet and be awesome. The article mentions it would reduce maintenance costs because it would cover the highway so no snow, rain, salt, plowing, ect ect. Another plus that they forgot to mention is that ideally if you remove these elements from the road you can cut down on the amount of Asians/women/idiots that cause beaucoups accidents when the weather gets a little hairy. Just an aside speaking of hairy, some Halloween I want to dress up like a Nazi and if anyone gets upset about it I can just tell them to fuck off and that I'm dressed up as Prince Harry.

But back to the pressing issue at hand. There are people who say that the Gardiner should be torn down because it blocks access to the waterfront. Holy fuck I hope their parents were cousins otherwise there is no excuse for this kind of retarded logic, Mr. Spock would smack you up the head.

In order to increase activity at the waterfront we remove the main artery to the downtown/waterfront area because thats fucking brilliant. How the fuck is an elevated highway stopping you from going to the waterfront. It's not like theres no way to get to the water from the other side of the Gardiner you just walk or drive underneath it. Maybe if you had something at the waterfront besides the cheesy restaurant on a shitty boat and a third rate "amusement park" people might go down to the waterfront.

Seriously has anyone ever had plans and then been like actually theres a highway near where we are going I don't think we can go. Cover up the highway it would be an awesome tourist attraction, you then throw vendors and hippie energy methods up there as well and you're in business. Hell maybe throw several pairs of those 2 dollars per use binocular things they have at Niagara falls so people could get a nice refreshing view of the wait for it..... WATERFRONT.

Anyways no matter what you think of this highway in particular you have to admit a giant ribbon of a park on top of a highway weaving through the city would be all kinds of awesome.

Also someone commented on the article something along the lines of "why don't we just build elevated everything?" except sarcastically because he's an idiot. Typical North American ignorance slamming high density construction while we have these suburban cancers that sprawl countless of hundreds of square kilometers. Lets make fun of building something on top of something else why don't we fucking noob.


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