Bono Spice

The title may be slightly misleading, there is no collaboration between Bono and the Spice Girls although due to the massive potential monetary windfall I am not ruling one out.

So lately where I live has been enveloped in a seemingly endless cycle of heat and humidity. They mugginess has just been uncalled for, it's basically forced me inside at all times because when outside the weather makes my nuts stick to my leg with the adhesive power of Mighty Putty, which is just no good for anybody.

While I've been inside I've watched a fair bit of TV while puttering around and doing some other things here. All this TV watching has exposed me to a fuckload of commercials and seeing all these commercials has reminded me of a few things.

1. Bono/U2 = corporate whore, although I do love a lot of their music.
2. Old Spice advertisements are to other commercials what Bono thinks he is to other people

U2 who a few years ago released the U2 iPod are now advertising with Blackberry which is a good choice since the iPhone is just awful, however thats besides the point. U2 always seems to be willing to do just about anything to make a buck such as making awful music to be featured on the Batman Forever soundtrack to make Kissed By a Rose sound that much better. U2's love of the dollars is not a new thing either, it was even mocked on the very first episodes of the short lived Ben Stiller Show, with this hilarious parody, sorry for the shit video quality, only embedding friendly version I could find.

But now onto Old Spice, the greatest thing to happen to advertising since either waaaazaaaa or the awesome Billy Dee Williams Colt 45 ads.

Although the latest Old Spice ad that inspired this post was not available on the youtube you can all rest assured that it was hilarious, and you should now all keep your eyes peeled for it. However that still leaves me with three awesome Old Spice ad's to link for you here and I'm sure many more you will find in the related videos, but I just linked my personal top three, which happen to feature two people that almost rival Billy Dee Williams for smoothness, Bruce Campbell and Neil Patrick Harris.

Anyways enjoy.


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