New Weezer song aka the day my penis ran away

So Weezer has a new song... see below. And hopefully Youtube doesn't do the "No videos for Canada" to this one.

Anyways as Weezer seems to be prone to doing lately this song is just awful. While many people say that Weezer began falling apart when Matt Sharp left which is anything after Pinkerton, I disagree with that statement. It really seems to come down to weather or not Rivers is getting his dick wet on the reg. There's just something about completely pouring your feelings for someone into a song that just can't be captured in some bogus feel good love song like their latest song. I'm all for writing songs expressing your happiness but this one is just full of crap, if he's talking about a time when people were still watching Titanic maybe Rivers could make reference to when Weezer still made good music.

Despite the abortion of a record that Make Believe was I had almost regained all my faith in Weezer when I heard their last album, Troublemaker and Pork and Beans had the makings of classic Weezer anthems but then they go and put out this latest crap which sounds like watered down Bowling for Soup.

I believe I will be seeing Weezer live in a few days and I'm not sure what level of horrible to expect from them, if it's going to be playing the intro riff to El Scorcho and laughing as the crowd gets excited or doing an MGMT cover while wearing neon Wayfarers.

But alas as much as this song sucks I will buy the new CD because to me Weezer is like a relative that you love very much that has a severe case of Alzheimers, although it's sad to see them forget who they are and who the people that love them are, when they do remember it's so worthwhile to be there for it.

So in closing here's an awesome clip of the Weezer on Letterman, this is not only a super underrated ditty but Letterman makes a stellar comment that goes completely unnoticed by the audience.

Oh and if you aren't familiar with the song... El Scorcho for those of you who want to write a song to/about a girl take notes from that one.


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