Karma is a Bitch (Don't make fun of Seal's face)

So maybe this came to me only because I've been on a My Name is Earl marathon, but it appears Karma may have caught up with me. I take particular delight in mocking Seal for having a face that looked like it was kissed not by a rose but by a Cornballer machine. Anyways in an attempt to show me how easily facial disfiguration can occur I was the victim of a nail gun bounce back to the face. Clearly Karma attempting to make me smarten up. Anyways below you will see that now I look like I'm stuck in the uh uh. If you know what I mean.  

Also on a My Name is Earl note Alyssa Milano makes a cameo in a sexy cop outfit, looking. She looks great in fact she's up in that league of women that you would be shocked if she got married to Seal, and then if she left Seal you'd say "oh well it could be worse" then you would remember what his face looks like and think "never mind it couldn't be worse." Anyways Alyssa looks as fine as she does in the Josie video from many many years ago so now here's both for you viewing pleasure.

Also more alphabet letters tonight or tomorrow unhhhh.


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