Alphabetical retrospective: Part 2

As I mentioned in my initial post in this series this is a quick look  back on things that happened while I was sucking at blogging. Part one went from A to D so now we continue st you guessed it E.

E) End of the World
This should come as no surprise that the people who got wiped out a few hundred years ago didnt have the foresight to know when the world would end. Considering our advanced society can barley predict the weather it seems pretty fucking retarded to base anything on the Mayans calendar. I mean they weren't even smart enough to be able to carry on living and being disenfranchised by colonists until present day. If I'm asking any aboriginal peoples for apocolyptic advice it starts with those scientists.

I just hope all the douche bags going on a YOLO inspired bareback rampage on the 20th have lots of ugly kids and an itchy dick.

F) Face Eating

This face eating business that seemed to be the hot new trend this summer is a weird subject to tackle. But based on how fucked up it was and that it happened seemingly in a sudden outburst I figure I need to pay it some notice.

There probably have been lots of people that ate faces that just didn't happen to clog up the news feed. Sort of like when all those birds were dying a few years back.

I guess my point is face eating is nothing new Hannibal Lecter did it and I think someone who knew Seal did as well. (Sorry for Seal overload I wrote this letter before my brush with karma today)

G) George Lucas

So a few months back George Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney. This sale netted the bearded benefactor of Harrison Ford's  awesomeness several billion dollars. Awesome for him right?!?

 Then his next move blew my mind. The guy who had whored out Star Wars over and over again to make money. There was the constant re release on video of different special editions, the garbage prequel trilogy that had zero back story of Han Solo... like wtf. And the worst of all the  Clone Wars cartoon.

 Anyways I rambled from my point. The man who was the ultimate slave to the almighty dollar donated all the money from selling Star Wars to educational charities. Which is awesome but flummoxing.

The one good thing is that the franchise sold out long ago so there's really not much worse that Disney could do to discredit it anymore. In fact I think the only thing they could do to mess with it would be a "prequel" sitcom about Han and Lando. Knowing Disney they would make it buddy cop kind of humour and star  Chris Tucker and Chris Pine as the young Han and Lando...working title Smugglers?

But yeah I've put way too much thought into this its unhealthy.

I'll be releasing these updates in the rhythm of the alphabet song. So next up is H I J K.


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