Green Day, too big to fail

This post is technically like 6 years late, but the fact that the band keeps making shitty music makes it not only still relevant it makes it MORE relevant.

The fact is Green Day jumped the shark a long ass time ago. While I personally feel if they had gone missing in the Congo after Warning. While I'm partial to the song Holiday besides that it has just been an atrocious endless string of "radio friendly" garbage.
Now this fact alone is not what angers me, there is plenty of shitty music that's out there which I may loathe but I understand why its there. Its usually by some flavour of the week artist who looks like she could take a dick and I understand the appeal of that. But Green Day angers me to no end still filling stadiums and raking in the money while other lesser known bands which the world needs to hear a lot mode than Green Day scrape a living together touring in a van in shitty clubs. 
Now I know Green Day was never exactly a shining beacon of artistic creativity and I didn't use to hate them. But ever since they rode the coat tails of the anti Bush sentiment stirred up by NOFX and people having a brain and seeing what Bush was doing I have loathed this band. Now terrible 9 minute songs that sound way to much like Summer of 69 and a rather convenient political messages left a sour taste in my mouth. Although much of that may be attributed to how one of my favourite bands at the time Blink 182 had recently released their awesome self titled album and weren't receiving the type of ball washing that Green Day was. So maybe I had a bit of sour grapes at the time.
At this point though I think my feelings of ill will towards this band have been validated. The band had already reached the pinnacle of fame and since then have been able to mail it and nothing will stop them just like the title implies the band achieved enough success that they can essentially release garbage almost indefinitely. 
I'm not sure what it is about Green Day that inspired me to throw together this huge collection of run on sentences. I mean in if I wanted to rail on a band that declined into mediocrity (shittiness) Weezer would be a much better rallying point. Not only were they much better in their prime than Green Day ever was there's also the hilarious angle of the 10 million dollar break up from a few years back.
 But yeah maybe it was Billy Joes drunken fit he threw on stage a few months ago but I just am sick of hearing their music, honestly it makes me angrier than a baby stuck under a chair
And as you can see that's pretty fucking angry


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