Back at the Keyboard

At this point it seems that this blog is almost just a compilation of "I'm starting again" posts, which is obviously rather pathetic. This time however I once again own a computer, I'm not trying to hero blog from my phone.

I've had a lot of jobs a lot of ups and downs and nothing seems more fitting than writing to nobody on my blog. I used to do decent amounts of traffic, now I'm sure that will be zero, I have no Facebook, my Twitter account consists of hashtag war people who don't know me and sports reporters, my real life friends don't want to waste their time reading my garbage thoughts. So I at this point my target is nobody.

Hopefully though as I compile more and more posts in what essentially amounts to a virtual letter in a bottle to cast out into the online ocean, someone will stumble upon it, and it can help give them a laugh, a smile, a new band to listen to, or heck maybe even some insight into something they hadn't really thought of before.

Writing was my passion in the past, it was a passion I was forced to put on the back burner however I know deep down that this is where true liberation lies, there are no awkward silences, no back pedalling no tone, no body language. For me this is the most simple and direct way for me to translate my brain to the rest of the world. Maybe that makes me some kind of autistic. But hey autistic people rock.


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