Lady Gaga's got a P and a V??

This topic was requested by a reader, so here goes.

So there seems to be much talk the last few days about Lady Gaga being the proud owner of a small penis. At first I was surprised, for about five seconds, and then I thought wow heres a celebrity I can actually relate to.

But seriously anyone who didn't suspect this broad of having a "disco stick" of her own clearly never took a good look at her. The most tell tale sign that Gaga would be able to poke your face is the fact that she sports a glaring Disney chin. For those unfamiliar with the term Disney chin Amy Winehouse is another one guilty of having this anatomical feature. It's basically a chin that you usually only find on someone like this.

All in all I really don't see how this affects anything though. Her music is still shitty, and I'd still do terrible things to her. Although this might persuade me to bypass the cooter and go straight to reaming her corn hole given the opportunity. There are pictures out there that show here apparent bulge... however none of them are substantial enough for me to think that it's a dick and not just a meaty labia.


  1. Dude. In one of her songs she says "Bluffin with my Muffin". I think we all know what means now.


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