Sorry Drew Carey

But fuck Cleveland, if the Cavaliers end up winning their series with the Magic I will be extremely pissed. This series should have ended up as a sweep if not for Lebron hitting the most insane shot ever.

Although I don't really care for Lebron at all I think he deserves a ring at some point but not while the supreme ruler of the turd burglars, Anderson Varejao (aka Sideshow Bob) is on the team.

Varejao is such a taint, and I don't mean like a taint on basketball I mean like the anatomical meaning, the few inches between nut sack and asshole, that is Varejao. All the dude does is flop, which he probably learned to do playing soccer in Brazil as a child.

What really bothers me about him though was his stunt at the beginning of the 2007 season where after his epic playoff run where he averaged 6 points and 6 rebound coming off the bench he refuses to sign a contract despite the fact that he's a restricted free agent. And ended up not signing until December 5 after signing an offer sheet with the Bobcats. That little incident gave me a serious Douche Chill!!!

Hopefully God will see the doucherey that is Varejao and make sure Orlando gets through, not only because Dwight Howard is the fucking man, but also because Varejao was traded from Orlando to Cleveland and I would love nothing more than for him to be upset.

Also I will forgive Lebron for hitting that shot if someone can produce evidence that he yelled "Kobe" when he took the shot.

Go Magic!!


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