Although I doubt I'd get approved I'd really love to see what sort of adds Google would automatically throw onto my blog if I applied for that add stuff.

One of the criteria is that you can't promote racism or something along those lines, and while I don't promote racism I do use the word nigger an awful lot. Although this blog will not feature the prolific use of nigger and it's other variations, such as niggerish, niggerdom, to the same degree as my old blog, which was running the "Most Terrifying Nigger Awards." (Which you could take a glimpse of HERE if you missed it the first time around). I still thought the content might still be a bit offensive and didn't want to get in trouble from the all powerful Google.

But seriously just going through my last post what sort of targeted adds would cookie monster, Satan, sodomy, and enema bring up?? Hell throw musician into the equation too and you got yourself a fun little puzzle, what product would all these things have in common besides some sort of Sesame Street torture fetish dungeon with live music, which hopefully if that existed Google would find it and advertise it to you the readers.

Just a thought...


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