At a loss for a clever title

So I am so outraged by the topic at hand that I wasn't able to dig up a clever title for the post. I wasn't even able to pull a Randy Moller and just throw in some random pop culture reference completely out of context, that's how upset I am.

The source of my frustration is from Globe and Mail columnist Roy MacGregor's Blog
If you care to read it in full the link is right there, but basically the basis of the blog is about how TSN is outclassing CBC in their post season hockey coverage.

Now I will admit I have a slight bias for CBC because they have Don Cherry, who is basically Canada/Hockey's version of Don Imus but he gets carte blanche to say whatever the fuck he wants which makes it much more amusing. The fact that CTV Globemedia sandbagged CBC and stole the HNIC song only to have it played by Simple Plan and other atrocious acts makes me slant even more towards CBC, however I was willing to hear the guy out and see what he had to say.

That is until I read to the point where one MacGregor listed one of the pros of watching the game on TSN was the insightful commentary of Pierre McGuire, yes you read that correctly Pierre fucking McGuire!!! In the words of Chuck Swirsky ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! In fact here is the exact words he used to describe McGuire.

His colour partner, Pierre McGuire, has enough knowledge of the game that the Minnesota Wild recently came with a coin flip of making him general manager. McGuire is enthusiastic, has turned his between-the-benches stunt (initially with NBC, then TSN) into industry standard and – most significantly – sees the game through 21st century eyes.

This is where I became engulfed in rage Pierre Mcguire is the biggest stain on hockey broadcasting that there is. The only time I enjoy him being on is when Sean Avery is squirting him with water. The guy is a fucking joke he has a serious chubby for 98.54 per cent of the players as well as Darren Dutchyshen which can easily be witnessed on trade deadline day. Also I'm pretty sure the only adjectives he knows are courageous and unbelievable. What's unbelievable is that somebody can actually enjoy this guy who never shuts the fuck up and is indescribably annoying.

Also here's the hit in question form the blog that was apparently a big deal, which I think is awesome. As Don Cherry would say..

Now remember kids you gotta keep your head on a swivel like Mark Messier, keep your head up, do we have time to show the clip... ok we're going to the clip, alright here you go kids watch this, he's got his head down, and...


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