Mike Weir Syndrome

I have no issues with Mike Weir in fact he seems like a nice guy, however in looking at the coverage Mike Weir gets from the media it's disgusting.

The Canadian media has Weir's dick so far down their throat I'm surprised they're not throwing up their lunch all over his cock and balls.

The dude's won like 8 tournaments.... EIGHT. Tiger Woods wins like 8 tournaments in a row for fuck sakes. Yeah it was awesome when Weir out dueled Woods at the President's Cup in Montreal but does that merit someone making Mike Weir wine for fuck sakes?

In defense of the media following Weir so closely the only other Canadian in regular contention is Stephen Ames, who is a veritable vortex of Ass-haterrey.

But seriously in almost every sport we go to agonizing lengths to point out Canadian content it's almost offensive. It makes us look small time and unprofessional.

I mean the hype surrounding Samuel Dalembert getting citizenship to play for our basketball team seemed to have the entire country minus Leo Rautins waving their palm branches and shouting hosanna to the guy.


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