This post shall serve as an introduction/preface/disclaimer of sorts, and should give you a good idea of what to expect here.

I'll start by saying that if you are offended easily this will probably be a page you never want to visit. I have one of the most twisted minds out there and find sick humour in all sorts of terrible twisted circumstances. I may feel bad about what happened but I'll still make a joke out of it. If that upsets you, you're more likely to find Victoria Stafford's body than to find any sympathy from me.

Hopefully for the rest of you I'll be able to provide a you with a funny outlook on aspects of this world, as well as share some sweet music that I enjoy with you and just generally enlighten you as much as possible.

I'll try to avoid being a fucking weepy "what the hell is wrong with this world/people" kind of blogger, but I can't promise it completely as sometimes I have those days, although it's usually triggered by some broad being dumb. Anyways I'll try and keep the updates coming too fast and too furious.



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