Awesome thing of the week (explanation of banner)

So as many of you who know my I have a bit of a soft spot for William Shatner, and no it's not my asshole if thats the joke you were thinking.

It was this love for Shatner that earned his picture the spot in the banner. He narrowly beat out the angry guy from Network (see below). It was really between those two just based on the fact that I always seem to be angry and pissed off and those were the two best angry pissed off pictures besides Charlton Heston weeping at the Statue of Liberty head. So for those super Star Trek nerds who were about to email me and say, "Kirk doesn't say there is no override thats whats his fucking nuts on Khan's ship." I realize this and the picture and name are really not related intentionally at least.

Oh yeah sorry heres Network guy.

Besides his awesome KHAAAAN yelling and other excellent overacting Shatner has done throughout his career it is his musical "efforts" that really put him over the top.

This one is no exception, with all the emotion and dramatic pauses that one would expect from a red alert type situation on aboard the... bridge....of... the Enterprise. Unfortunately there was no quality videos to be found of this song, the one slightly good one was still super gay and had embedding disabled and I'm too much of a noob to just upload the audio even if I had it.

So here it is is in all it's glory. Mr. Tambourine man, which also reinforces the truth of my statement that Bob Dylan writes good covers.

Also everybody go out and by the CD Has Been, amazing album.


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