Awesome thing of the week II: The Heat of the Moment

So although this weeks awesome thing of the week is officially the song Heat of the Moment by the one the only ASIA, it's kind of split up into a few parts.

I originally stumbled upon this video HERE (sorry no embedding) and was going to focus just on that. As you can tell from watching it is an awesome fun filled musical experience probably akin to the Neverland Ranch right up to the wine + pills + handskies portion of the evening.

But the video got me thinking it's basically just a guy rocking out on an acoustic, a bit of witty banter, and some tasteful use of a kick drum (Cattle Decapitation take notes please). So what exactly was it about the video that gripped my soul to the point that I wanted to make it the focus of my second installment of awesome thing of the week. And the answer of course is Heat of the Moment.

A brief aside, whenever I hear anything by or about Asia there is one moment in my life that immediately jumps to my mind. I was out in the middle of nowhere planting trees. I was having a nice little jam session on the acoustic guitar outside my tent, playing some song by Boston. It was at that point my tent neighbour, Aaron de Wit asked me what I was playing, to which I responded Boston.

Now before I continue my story I must first say that Aaron de Wit is one of the funniest people ever as anyone who knows him can surely attest to. So Aaron asks me;

"Have you heard the theory that bands sucks based on the size of the thing they're named after?"

I say no of course hoping he would elaborate which he did.

"Basically how it works is that the bigger the thing the band is named after the more they suck, so Boston is ok, Chicago is not that great, Europe is really bad, and Asia is the worst band ever."

Needless to say the man spoke truth, which is what makes Heat of the Moment such an impressive track as it is able to cross the Asia barrier and still be a fucking sweet tune. So anyways in parting here's some Asia... live!!

And updates might be a bit sporadic the next couple of days due to shitty work schedule


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