Gong show of the year award (so far at least)

So this whole Victoria Stafford ordeal has reached the point where I have to weigh in on it.

To open, I feel bad for the family that the kid went missing/died. I am basing this blog on very few actual facts for several reasons which will be explained later, here we go.

Ever since the girl left school and got into the car with the two rubes that the police now have in custody this case has been a giant shit show. Nothing has been done right by the police, the media, the family, or the suspects for that matter.

I want to start my real tirade with the media here, as they are the reason I have no facts to base this blog on. Ninety per-cent of the articles I have happened to read on the subject have been in nearly complete contradiction to each other, you can read 4 stories on the subject in the same day and by the time the day is done you feel like you sat through an M. Night Shamamamamamamalaya marathon because of all the twists.

As a journalism student this is particularly frustrating to me. I realize that as far as the news goes nothing generates more interest/sells better than bad things happening to blond white girls. But maybe you could hold onto your story an extra few hours and get shit right so that people actually know what is happening.

The police have goofed a bit on this too, but hey they're trying their best and in the grand scheme of things are the good guys. I here many idiot ass people going on about how the police should get sued for not switching it to a kidnapping immediately. Because let's face it suing the police is going to do a lot of good for everybody, fucking ignorant ass people.

The girls mother and her oxycotin habit have become a bigger media circus than the fucking train of dudes claiming to be the father after Anna Nicole Smith died. She should seriously take a day off from talking to the police and media and maybe think about what she's going to say instead of just throwing out more distortions of the facts for the media to blindly publish.

And finally I've heard that the girl may have been kidnapped because her mother owed money for her oxy habit, because lets face it kidnapping people with no money's children is a great way to get money. If the girl got killed because of that, thats sad pathetic and disgusting, but at the same time I hope that's what happened, because if this moron they have in custody is not just some fucking red neck that went to far and decided to lay some eight year old pipe before he offed her that's just fucking terrible and really burns my asshole.


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