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To start of this post I want to throw in two things I forgot to mention in the introduction. One of the best way to describe my sense of humour would be

"The Mariah Carey of mediocre metaphors."It's sort of self encapsulating as too what it's getting at.

I also use a lot of sports metaphors, which to people who get them are fantastically witty and hilarious, but on the other hand to people who don't they make no sense and are not funny and instead of making you laugh have you cursing the obscurity of my reference. Hopefully a quick wiki search could enlighten you enough to get the joke
but if not... I believe this guy put it best saying it's too late to apologize.

Now to the actual point of this post this fucking laugher of a band.


The members of this band are certainly all very talented musicians, well maybe not the vocalist but we'll leave that for later, that is not what bothers me about them, it's basically everything else about them.

They form some band to protest the mistreatment of animals called Cattle Decapitation. I don't know which of the scientists in the band decided to use that as the name but someone should have told them if you want to make music that has little to know general appeal you should maybe make your message clear so then you can at least target your hippie niche audience.

Apparently they have lyrics which are clever and macabre putting humans in the position that animals generally find themselves in. Well maybe if your lyrics are how you're planning on getting your message across you should make it so people can discern the lyrics.

Right now it sounds like their singer is some sort of variation of cookie monster and Satan getting an enema combined into one terrible vocalist, whose voice also bears a striking resemblance to that of an Orc from Warcraft 2 or 3 for all you computer inclined folks out there.

As much as I want to comment on their music more that would mean I have to listen to it more to think of funny things to say so I'll skip that and go to their lame ass myspace page layout. Their myspace is the biggest example of "Jimmy Try Hardism" I've ever seen, it's the web page equivalent of Dominic Moore after being traded to the Sabers.

Fucking atrocious.

Here is a band thats skilled and not saying to themselves, "hey lets play as fast as we can and make music that sounds like animals getting sodomized by power tools."

Enjoy the Rufio fools.


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