Stephen Harper: Bad Ideas Part 1 of ?

So while nearly everything Stephen Harper does could call for a scathing blog post this latest idea in particular incensed me to no end.

Harper announced yesterday plans to revise the Immunity of States act enabling victims of terrorists to sue the countries that harboured/supported them. Because let's face it suing other countries is a great way to do business on the international stage, especially when you have a laughable military and are trying to claim sovereignty over vast amounts of soon to be available, Arctic resources.

All diplomacy issues aside what kind of motivation is behind an oafish law like this? This clearly won't do anything to hinder terrorists since it's not as if they were working within the confines of the legal system to begin with.

Only this conservative clown with less emotions than Lieutenant Data, and is afraid to hug his own son in public would pioneer something so stupid. Because nothing spells justice for innocent victims like getting money without working, but you do realize even if some country is silly enough to play along with getting sued by some Canadian and pay out whatever is ordered by the kangaroo court, the money they are paying is jus tax dollars from some other innocent people. These people also probably have it much worse than most Canadians as most of the countries that are supporting terrorists these days are not exactly Daniel Day Lewis when it comes to quality of life.

Robbing the poor to give to the rich, typical conservative mantra.

The only thing I can see that he may be attempting to do is secretly create a reverses brain drain, with such lucrative targets to sue we may see a massive migration of such intellectual giants as Cellino and Barnes, William "the strong arm" Mattar, and other legal greats. Then we'd have the pleasure of getting bombarded with Peach Tree TVesque adds telling us about all the money we're entitled to because we feel our freedom is threatened.

Because if theres one thing people in North America are lacking it's an over zealous sense of entitlement.

Good job Harper on coming up with another bad idea, maybe you should focus on some more attack adds against the Liberals 6 months after you failed to win a majority against Stephane Dion.


  1. Hear hear. 37% of Canadian voters want a right-wing government and yet they almost win a majority? Our electoral system is laughable.


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