Kanye West Glasses

Stop wearing these glasses. They make you look like a douche no matter what circumstance you are wearing them in.

Outside on a sunny day, they still let half the sun in, plus they obscure your vision with the fucking plastic pieces.

Outside on a shitty day, see above minus the sun.

Inside a bar, they clash with the neon green and hot pink shirt you are probably wearing since you're the kind of turd burglar that wears these glasses to a bar. Maybe you like the fact that they clash since you're too cool for fashion as usual. These glasses only purpose in a bar are to serve as a warning to the rest of the bar that you are a mega douche. Although these are really a back up because chances are your shitty mustache already alerted them.

And while I'm on the topic of the lame mustache, fucking shave it off already, unless it's bushy as fuck or stacheburns it's useless, as usually they're too puny to even add any pleasure to whoever you happen to be rimming out, even if you're going at it with such zeal that you break your nose in some hot face on taint action.


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