Top 5 Debaucherous Athletes.... part uno

So as everyone knows in December 2009 Tiger Woods went from being a respected black gentleman to an adulterer who was getting dropped by sponsors faster than a handful of change by Michael J. Fox. In all seriousness though this should have been expected, it would take more intestinal fortitude than most people have to turn down the international pussy train that would be afforded to the most paid and dominant athlete ever. If he had been a one woman man it would have just been a waste of his situation. But that's besides the point, we're now going to take a look at some of the athletes how enjoy partying and getting down. I'm not going to keep it strictly to womanizing because that just gets lame and repetitive and leaves out some hilarious stuff.

While writing these out I think I'm going to release them a few at a time as it would get ridiculously long to put them all in the same post as well as the intro/conclusion.

5. Ed Belfour

We'll start of the list with one of my favourites Ed Belfour, not only was he part of the closest thing the Maple Leafs have had to glory years since 1967 but he also parties hard and I respect that. As you can see from the picture here Ed Belfour loves to party. Two incidents in particular that are hilarious about his partying though.

The first was when a woman called the police because she was frightened by drunken old Eddie while they were in a hotel room together. Police arrived and took Belfour into custody, in the police cruiser Eddie tried to strike up a deal with his captors offering them 1 billion dollars for his freedom. Now not only are the circumstances leading up to his arrest hilarious but the offer for 1 billion dollars is equally jokes as the only athlete who could come close to paying 1 billion for their release is my man Tiger Woods, and without all the cheddar he'd have a hard time hanging onto all his hoes.

Second hilarious incident involving Eddie took place in Manitoba. Belfour was born and raised in Carman Manitoba. Now in a lot of the smaller towns and outposts in Manitoba they have what are called socials. Basically just a big sweet potluck type affair with most of the town. Anyways as you can imagine socials are a pretty big deal, so get your tickets early. One person who didn't get his ticket early was our good friend Eddie, who arrived rather late at a social during the off season, he had no ticket and was super drunk as per usual and was denied entry to the social. Furious about their refusal to allow him inside he began making a big deal shouting "I'm Ed Belfour" before eventually being taken away by friends.

There was also a mysterious incident that happened while he was playing on the Florida Panthers that led to the other goalie on the team Alex Auld getting injured, whether this was an altercation or merely drunken shennanigans I have been unable to confirm but still sweet nonetheless.


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