And Back

I want to start of the first post of 2010 with an apology for my shitting of the bad for the last 3 months. I really didn't have my act together in any aspect of my life and the blog and my schooling suffered the most so to anyone who checked back occasionally hoping for a chuckle my bad, hopefully I'll make it up to you with some new excellent content forthcoming.

I must admit though one of the biggest culprits in my failure at blogging can be seen below.

This fellow has taken up far to much of my time lately and I don't even have a hilarious story to show for it like that kid from Barrie.

For those of you haven't heard about the latest adventures of a gamer kid from Barrie you can read up on that shit right here.

Thats right Barrie Ontario had another kid run away from home because of video games. Although this story is much more hilarious than Brandon Crisp freezing in a forest. When I read this story I can't help but feel bad for the kid. He manages to somehow seduce some older "sugar momma" while living a painfully lame/anti social life, and then he gets in shit for it and she gets arrested.

As you can see the kid is one heinous ginger specimen. Even telling this broad that he was 20 instead of 16 I can't understand why she would want anything to do with that kid. Like if your going to get charged for child sex stuff at least make it worth your while, this kid is clearly no Jonbenet Ramsey.

But the whole time reading this story there was one particular scene that just seemed to capture the situation too, and I don't just say that because I have a soft spot for the older ladies.

Anyways more stuff in the very near future and I'll try and keep a pace of at least 2 updates per week. A long overdue Tiger Woods feature will be arriving shortly, so yeah happy 2010 to all of you and have a NICE!! day.


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