Countdown continues

I'm sorry about the delay getting this one out, I started on number three but then got super busy so I figured I would just get number four released to give all you lovely people something to read.

4. John Daly
Number four on the list is one of Tiger's PGA counterparts John Daly. John Daly is a party animal and an inspiration to big men everywhere. Daly has been in and out of rehab programs for his heavy drinking. These don't seem to have worked very well as in late 2008 he was taken into custody after being found drunk outside a Hooters restaurant.

Drinking isn't the only vice Daly has been involved with admitting to using cocaine and claiming that a large number of golfers also use cocaine. He also apparently lost over between 50 and 60 million dollars to gambling over the last 15 years. Not only does he party hard this guy does serious work with the ladies for an overweight golfer. Not only has he had four wives but he somehow manages to get more women to expose their breasts than the Mickleson family's oncologist as displayed in the photo below.

The only other man of his build that can be found out on the town with a better posse is the insufferable Jon Lovitz.

Basically John Daly seems to be the Chris Farley of athletes although the "athlete" part can be debated. Even as the number four athlete on the countdown Daly is making Tiger Woods look like a saint and this guy is a fellow golfer who are generally pretty clean cut in the world of athletes.

Number three on the list will hopefully be out sometime over the course of the weekend, but we're taking a trip into MLB for our next stop.


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