Lebron James is a bitch, so is Chris Bosh

For many many years I have hated Lebron James. I will admit he is an incredible basketball player and is freakishly athletic, but he has always been a little bitch.

All his talk of his brand and his world wide image and blah blah blah blah, maybe he should shut his mouth and fucking win something. He then drove the fact that he's a little bitch home by not shaking hands with the Magic after bowing out in the Eastern Finals in 2009. A year later Cleveland gets humiliated by the Celtics and he's a ghost in the series.

So the long awaited free agency period comes and here comes the moment for Lebron to seize the day and drown out all that little bitch behaviour from the past.

But instead of staying in his home state where the people love him and willing a team to a championship he goes and joins up with Bosh and D Wade in Miami. Now I get that he wants to win, but he seriously just killed his career legacy, if he had won even one title in Cleveland he would have been immortalized in Ohio forever.

Now he goes down to South Beach and even if they win 5 NBA titles in a row, (I predict zero title wins by the way) it doesn't mean anything. The debate of Lebron vs Kobe is now over Lebron took himself out of the running by being a little bitch.

History will remember him now as just a footnote a member of "the big 3" that fucked with the process of free agency.

I got no problems with D Wade I must say, he won his ring already and stayed with his team whatever. But Lebron is a little bitch, and Chris Bosh is lesser little bitch.

Both Bosh and Lebron had the chance to become something more than just a player. Lebron was obviously Lebron and almost any decision besides the one he made would have been better for his status as an elite player in the league.

Bosh on the other hand had the chance to not only be the franchise guy with Toronto but the face of all professional sports in the 4th largest sports market in North America. With the Maple Leafs in a laughable state, the Blue Jays several years away from contention with no real star power, Chris Bosh was IT in Toronto.

Maybe he'll have more fun wearing white suits with plaid bowties in Miami, hell he may even do some sweet commercials with Charles Barkley, but he's nothing more than Wade and Lebrons lap dog now.

Either way I'll enjoy watching them all play on Christmas day hopefully they will play Oklahoma City and lose to Durant who is actually the next best player in the league besides my man Kobe Bryant.

And on an actual basketball note, who the hell are these three guys going to play with?? Michael Beasley is a chump their salary cap is basically completely used up, maybe Brian Scalbrine is available on the cheap?? This team isn't going to win shit all except a few division titles because their division is a joke.


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