So I was glancing through my posts from days gone by and discovered that like half of my video links are now broken because the corporate idiots that run things in this world don't understand how the fucking internet should work.

For example I had a video clip from South Park which was hilarious, but apparently Viacom decided it should remove that from the internet since they owned the property. Seriously what money are they missing out on from people watching a 30 second clip from their show on the internet for free.

If those inbred retards had any concept of how things work they would leave those clips up there, hell they would publish them themselves, hilarious clips from every episode, because then people like me would post the links to it and people who would never watch South Park would see the clip and laugh and think "Hey maybe I should watch that show sometime."

The same thing goes for music and music videos. Luckily music execs are slowly waking up to the fact that YouTube and Napster are completely different animals and it's not 1998 so they need to chill the fuck out. Having songs and/or music videos available on YouTube is the best fucking thing they can have going for them.

Now that MTV and Much Music decided that they'd rather fill the airwaves with a bunch of shit reality shows and teen drama shit instead of music YouTube becomes the best way to get music videos to an audience. Yet still videos get taken down, or "not available in my region." Like seriously I hope they choke on my nutsack for being so fucking stupid.

Rap/Hiphop is the music that is making the most money for their artists right now and the reason is... wait for it. THEY'RE GIVING MUSIC AWAY FOR FREE!!!!!

That's right mixtapes and other free recordings that people can listen to get people interested in the band, much the same way seeing a music video on TV used to do, so people listen to free mixtape then go buy the album or concert tickets.

Anyways this rant has gone on much longer than I anticipated and was really just triggered by my anger that so many of the funniest things I wanted to share with you people are gone forever, such as Norm McDonald's moth joke. Fucking tragic.


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