Let's Give This Another Try

So as anybody who checks here semi regularly, ie once every couple of months would be able to tell... I haven't really been doing much of anything on here in that time.

Laziness as well as the fact that my layout got fucked up and I hate how it looks now were the main contributors to this complete lack of new content, also I blame summer as I was out and about a lot enjoying the wonderful weather.

Anyways I've gotten the itch to keep this shit going again not really sure why or what topics of discussion I'll be going after but hopefully there will be some sort of fun/funny stuff to talk about.

This post right here is basically my brain wandering so you'll have to excuse me for any lack of coherence in the post as it's not getting any editing just straight to being published.

Anyways the whole it being 2:30 in the morning thing just clicked inside my brain which has now decided to stop functioning. I was in the mood to do a big rant about some Rogers/Cito Gaston issues involving the Blue Jays but that can wait for another day.

Oh and in other new Dineley on Movies gives Inception like 68 thumbs up. Also anyone who hasn't seen the preview for The Town fucking go watch it, actually stay right here and watch it.

And to all you ignorant ass punk ass bitches who are Ben Affleck haters just remember kids.... HE WAS THE BOMB IN PHANTOMS!!!!!!

And I'm out...


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