Jerry Lambert Appreciation

Now I'm sure many of you read the title of this post and said "Who the fuck is Jerry Lambert?" And that is understandable as to most of the world he is much better known as Kevin Butler. For those you who are still at a loss, I mean this fine gentleman.

Kevin Butler throughout his tenure working at PlayStation has given us a plethora of amazing ads. There was the classic Dustin Pedroia ad which I believe was the Maiden Voyage of HMS Kevin Butler, but from there things took off.

Now I'm sure you don't just need me to post a bunch of PlayStation commercial links cause that defeats the point of you coming here when you could just go to YouTube for yourself if you actually like them. So anyways here's my favourite one.

Now I must point out that long before the days of Kevin Butler dominating the airwaves Lambert was featured in another amazing ad campaign for Holiday Inn. Below is one of the crown jewels of that campaign for your enjoyment.

The Holiday Inn ads were where my love for Jerry Lambert first began and now it has blossomed into what it is today in this blog post. Lambert has a brilliant ad about everything from hotel points to fake tanning, and a little Joe Buck inbetween, hope you guys enjoyed the Lambert more meaningful stuff on deck


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